Take Action to Halt Cuts That Harm Hoosier Children

In this time of a worldwide pandemic and tremendous unrest in our state and nation, we must do everything we can to address the needs of students and ensure schools are ready to keep children healthy and safe next school year while not falling behind in their learning. That is why we must prevent significant education budget cuts in our state.

If the cuts being discussed take hold, they will overwhelmingly and disproportionally harm children of color and low-income communities across Indiana. This means teacher layoffs, reductions to critical services, and children being left disconnected from the internet access and devices they need to learn from home.

The painful truth is this: without federal funding, Indiana could see more than 9,000 teachers laid off at the worst possible time. In fact, a Learning Policy Institute study has Indiana in the top ten nationally for teacher layoffs with the state potentially losing 13 percent of its educator workforce. Those layoffs have consequences, with services and supports being cut for the students who need them most.

These cuts don’t have to happen if our state and federal leaders act.

The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a fourth COVID-19 relief package with too little dedicated K-12 education funding—the resources needed to prevent layoffs and ensure digital learning access for all students. The U.S. Senate needs to act as quickly as possible and do more, which is why your involvement now is so important.

With just one click, you can request that U.S. Senate leadership and Indiana Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun pass a COVID-19 relief package with the $200 billion in education stabilization funding needed to prevent layoffs and maintain critical support services. Leaders also need to invest $4 billion in E-Rate funding to ensure all students can learn from home—because too many students both in our big cities and rural towns lack connectivity.

Next school year is fast approaching. Children and educators need our help. Please act now and ensure Senators Young and Braun hear from you.